Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eating...and eating...and eating some Lyon

As promised, I'm back to share some of the culinary delights that Abbey and I experienced at the weekend. Lyon is such a beautiful city and we managed to find some little gems hidden away, some of which were even typically Lyonnais. Despite a pain au chocolat for breakfast and a baguette for lunch, after the tiring task of shopping, we were both starting to feel quite peckish. I'd seen loads of people munching on something large and pink and I was intrigued! Abbey informed me that they were brioches aux pralines and something of a speciality in Lyon apparently. Of course, that meant that I just had to try one. So I did. And this was it...

Mine was MASSIVE, but also deeelicious! Very sweet and really quite filling, which is just what I needed to give me enough energy before braving the million steps back down to Vieux Lyon. If you've got a sweet tooth and you're heading to Lyon, you should definitely indulge in one of these!

As I said, eating was a recurring theme throughout the weekend (well, eating is always a recurring theme obviously, but you know what I mean), and later that evening we headed to one of the typical Bouchons Lyonnais that you see all over the place. That's the place to go to if you want to sample some of the typical Lyonnais cuisine. There's so many of them, it's fairly impossible to choose, but us being students decided to go for the cheapest! And 12.50€ for a three course meal isn't bad at all, even by student standards! Now the last time I went to a Bouchon I wasn't that adventurous and I went for the sausages. However this time I was determined to be a little bit more daring. I stuck with a goat's cheese salad for starters, but then for main I tried the quenelle. 

Judging from the photo, it really doesn't look that great, but it does taste nicer than it looks, I promise! It's hard to describe what it tastes like, so I'll tell you what's in it to try and give you an idea. Mine was a mixture of creamed chicken, combined with breadcrumbs and a light egg binding, poached. It's very difficult to explain the texture, but imagine eating a dumpling and it's a bit like that. I'm not sure whether I'd have it again, but I'm glad I tried it! For dessert I had another praline-related delicacy. This time a tarte served with crème anglaise and chantilly (the French do love their chantilly!). Probably not quite as nice as the brioche, but a nice sweet finish all the same. And all that was washed down with a pot de rosé. A lovely evening that could only have been improved if we hadn't have been sat literally on top of the couple next to us! Why do French people have no concept of personal space?!

On Monday Abbey took me to THE cutest little bistrot ever called l'Epicerie Bistrot à Tartines. I now understand why she raved about it so much to me, because it really is just wonderful. Not only is the food absolutely incredible, but the décor inside is lovely too. It's all old-fashioned and vintage-y and feels so cosy and inviting. I spent the first five minutes just looking round at everything and taking it all in (not just because it took a waitress at least 10 minutes to give us a menu). I ordered a hot tartine aux trois fromages avec poires and it really was divine, but I think I could have chosen and enjoyed pretty much any of the tartines on the menu. I'm not usually a blue cheese fan but this just hit the spot and I would definitely have it again. I'm not sure what the other cheeses were, I know that one was goat's cheese of some sort, but whatever they were they were delicious! And surprisingly, the pear went brilliantly with it too. I would say I'd attempt to recreate this one day, but I just think I'd end up being disappointed! Just look at it...


And I knew I really shouldn't, but I just couldn't resist having a dessert. They were staring out at me from a counter as soon as we went in, asking to be eaten I think. My choice was easy: une tarte aux framboises. It really couldn't have been anything else. And ohmygosh was it good! It was heavenly. Very extravagant, but so totally worth it. Abbey chose the tarte au citron meringuée which looked equally as delicious. A little line of jelly beans was a lovely little touch to go with it. Wow. I was stuffed after that, but go glad I'd indulged. When I come back to Lyon again I will certainly be coming back here. You should too. 


L'Epicerie: Bistrot  à Tartines
2, Rue de la Monnaie,
69002 Lyon 

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